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In the 2013 season, the wild horses have become the first single game for 600 teams, and Gez said: “It has been very special in the past three years, winning those games, impact the super bowl, then defeat, some things you can’t make guarantees “

Giant coach: praise Mefield is not equal to criticizing EliOn June 8th, the newly added Brown’s external hand of Little Audel Beckham Jr. expressed the thumbs up to Baker Mayfield (Baker Mayfield). He said that Mefield arm has been able to make a corresponding adjustment, the team environment and the giant of the five years have been completely different.

In addition to the mushroom, Harris also has the ability to catch the ball. “I have always been a boller.” Harris said, “Always doing it. Not I want to show off, but this is not luck. & Hellip; & hellip; I started to catch up from middle school, my hand is still quite big.”

Viking people: Peterson will have a large number of holding opportunitiesDue to the scandal of the child abuse, the Minnesota Weijing star running away from the game, Adrian Peterson is expected to return to the blood, and the media will indicate Peterssen’s physical condition after watching the class. It is quite well, Pitters I also say that the number of punch codes will exceed 2500 yards in the new season. Wei Jing’s coach Michael Hi Mer also said that the number of Pitterson’s position will not be less.

The prior to Viking’s Run Guardo Corby Wilson said in an interview that this year’s use of Peterson will be more scientific and balanced, and he will not use him. However, Zimmer didn’t think so, he said in an interview: “How many times he can hold, how many times will we give him, as long as he can bear, we do our best to support him. Of course, we will always Will enable the round to let him take a break, but usually I am not very mighty to let him go. He is our best player, we will definitely rely on him. “

Shu Shi told reporters: “I think this is not criticizing Eli, but said that he likes the new team’s environment. He is in harmony with his teammates, gradually integrating into the new community. I am happy for him. I think This is not said that Elays is not good, but he is expressing the love of the new environment. “

Tomstone told reporters on Saturday: “I think he and the same conditions as everyone in the team, this is a very good start. I think he has made a good foundation. He is a smart football player, also for this movement I am passionate. He is very understanding of the game, I am looking forward to his performance. “

“I will use it all-round, so they also hope that I will learn more. Although I have to watch more than the university, I don’t have to go to school, I am still very fortunate. I don’t mind in the screening room. It is longer. I am going to face the challenge, which is what they choose me. “

CLINTON high school coaches were broken by David, and he finally graduated from school with more than 3.0 GPA, actively participating in unpaid blood donation, cheap Jerseys or a member of students to prevent destructive decisions. During the river team, Johnson broke several school records, including 43 scores of the graduate year.

Naki-Harris said he would be used in all directions.Najee Harris is eye-catching on the court and always stands out in the video. Excellent performance has eventually let him become the first 2021st race.

Gain began to serve in the post of the quarter-off coach in 2011, the quarter-saving Tim Tebow, who defeated the Pingsburg steel in that season, then Pedon Man PEYTON Manning arrived, he transformed into an offensive coordinator.

Wild Horse This season 12 wins and 4 wins, with the second seed of the United States, the first game of the three-day wheel, the team’s first game will begin on January 11. The team’s young and a forced coach became one of the most credible people. However, Gates currently said that he just concentrate on how to return the wild horse again to the super bowl: “This opportunity is very good, many people meet me Discussing the coach, this makes me surprised, but I still have to focus on the war we are about to begin. “

Manning said that he attaches great importance to Gees’ opinions: “It is very important to communicate with him. I understand that he needs me to fight for him. Of course, his current opportunity is quite good. This is the affirmation he should get, of course those The stress of the team with him will be great. “

How is the 24-year-old NFL second grade player? He has just become a player in history in history last Sunday, and the last record of this record is the front of the pony, and he has 13 consecutive scorpions in 2005. Over 100. Johnson led alliance with the total number of 1709 yards and 15 Dove of data, and his 1005 yards of rushing code were also ranked third. No matter which aspect, he is the best running guard in the Fantasy game.

Gain will meet with the management of 49 people in San Francisco on Friday, then in Saturday he will meet with the management of the Chicago Bear team, and Buffalobier also said that it will be with this 36 years old. Coach doing communication.

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