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Line Wile Ahmad Brooks will absent the game

San Francisco 49 people will rush to New York to the challenge of New York giants. But the line of Ahmad Brooks, but since his sister has decided not to organize.

With Jason’s regression, the offensive group of cowboy has been further enhanced. From May 6 this year, Jason 37-year-old birthday was selected by Dallas Cowgirl at the 2003 draft meeting, after which he spent 15 seasons in the team, two times selected for the best lineup Entry, 11 times.

Ganobo and Breddy have worked together for 3 seasons, and they have gone in the 17 games, of which he pays the outside world in the 2016 season to pay attention to his strength. Although the New England Patriots Trainer Group has always focused on the details in the game, Garobo pointed out that Braddy told him the importance of these details.

However, it seems that Brradi still kills the quartet team to win the champion, and Garobo is injured and needs to prove that they can play all the potential. Original Garobo was considered to make breakthroughs last season, but the knee crucified torn tear made his 2018 season to reimburse.

After Jason announced, the location of the cowboy is once a unstable factor of the team attack, and the team has lost Jason and External Hands after DEZ BRYANT. No reliable alternative In the case of entering the training camp.

Hill did not clearly indicate when they want to get the opportunity to be a starter. So he may still stay in Brisbane Saints continue to serve on the bench. However, Hill has clearly expressed a desire to serve as the starting quarterback in the future. At present we do not know when he will be able to do so.

“This is not the coach tells you,” he said. “It is the player to master these doorways in the game. This is some small things, all of which are some details, and how to integrate these details is the place that really stands out.”

Brooks is a professional bowl of professional bowls in 2013. It has been playing at 49 people in 2009, and the basic full-service team has completed 287 cockroaches and 42 times four-point guard. But the current 4 games only completed a quarter-free killing.

Demales – Thomas feels yourself return youth

Beijing July 10th is 30 years old. It is a spree in the state of running. Although this is not so severe, it is like Demaryuis Thomas, which feels that he returns to youth. See.

US Time May 3, 2018, Jason announced his retirement and joined ESPN’s “Monday Late Rugby” program as an explanation. US Time Thursday, he announced that he will re-enter the rivers and lakes, re-join Dallas cowboy and prepare for the 16th season of your career.

Defending champion Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl last week lost to rival Denver Broncos, they bounce back this week. Rely on a high level of team play, with 41:14 big win over the San Diego Chargers Seattle guest, ushered in the first win of the new season. Main quarterback Russell – Wilson feels good, his 13 pass 11, advancing 121 yards, he had two running touchdowns. Seahawks two more touchdowns, but also by the complete running back. Defending champion demonstrated his powerful ground attack capability.

“I certainly see themselves as the starting quarterback,” Hill said in a recent interview. “I think when you consider the other question:?? Is the New Orleans Saints or the other team when you enter the free agent market, which is you begin to know how other people think of you when we become a free agent long enough it can not really let us know how other people look at me, we will face this problem on becoming a free agent. “

“I have been playing for a long time after 30 years old,” Thomas said, “I feel that I can still continue to make a good performance for several years. I have said before, now I feel the best when I feel the whole career. The most restricted hip The injury feels no longer exists. “

In Drew headed star – the case of Brisbane (Drew Brees) absence, the Saints still rely on the team steady play won. After the renewal Jimmy – Graham once again demonstrated his ability, his five catches for success for the team to get two touchdowns, can be described as the first hero of the Saints win. In addition, the team’s backup quarterback two are doing well. Griffin 19 pass 13, and sends 179 yards two touchdowns. McQuarrie outdone, cheap nfl Jerseys his 20 pass 12, fed 117 yards and two touchdowns. I believe under the presence of Brisbane, be sure to show both of them are satisfied.

Cowboys took off the outer handle Machael Gallup at last season, and traded Amari Cooper in the transaction deadline. However, in the near-terminal position, the team and a stable output point like Jason, Brake Jarwin, a total of 27th, a total of 27 codes, promoted 307 yards, gain 3 A ball reaches.

“I will continue to play rugby and competition in the heart,” Jason said in the statement released through the cowboy official website. “We have a group of rising new stars, I want to help them compete for the championship. This is all my personal decisions, and I feel very good about this. I am very expected to return to the stadium. “According to Jason, Jason will receive $ 5 million from the cowboy.

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