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The third grade of the Auckland raid team Delik Carl has gradually grown into a three-point quarter of the league. In the game last week, Karl crazy came out of 513 yards, 4 times of passing to reach and did not be Copy. This data has also become a 500 yard from the third single field in the history of Wholesale nfl Jerseys, 4 times, and has not been copied, the first two are the ancient legend celebrities 4-point guard Ya Turnre and Tonight Rotter Rotley. The raid person first left the left cut, Donald – Pan En got the milestone of his career last week, in the face of the old land, the offensive front line player got a ball to reach the battle, became the NFL history. More than 300 pounds of players who have a large number of times (4 times).

Manzell is injured in the game with the Chief of Kansas City, and his injury may make the steel man’s victory more easily. If you want to get an external card, the steel man needs to win while winning, the New York jet is expected to be in Buffalo. Brown Mike Mike Pettine revealed that Manzel still has possible possible, and the team will decide on further inspection results.

In the ninth week of the regular season, the Thursday Night Tournament took the lead in the Thursday, the leading national boundaries, and the Carolina Black Panther team met the New Orleans Saints. The Black Panther team has a slight leader name of the saints in the victory in the victory.

Eagle and Left Diagonal Jordan – Myrata for four years

US Time Saturday, according to ESPN reporters, the eagle will be with the left side of Jordan Mailata for four years, with a total salary of 64 million US dollars. The new contract includes $ 40.85 million security funds, counted up to 80 million US dollars after the inspiring bonus clause.

A number of reports show that this unusful guest is the famous Brook-Buronk, a famous Broadcasting program Howard Stern Stern Show. Stri Xiu is known to imitate the news broadcast and are known at the press conference. Within 15 minutes reported in this matter, Titte “Howard Stern Stern” has entered the hot trend list.

Myrata is the former Australian football player. Before joining NFL, there is no experience in the American football game before joining the International Players, even if the NFL team is not recognized. His growth and progress is amazing.

When I was interviewed on Thursday, Norman said: “He is a great figure, I have always heard of him in my growth, I am very respectful for him, if I can copy the ball cheap jerseys from china him, I Will be embarrassed to him, this is my gratitude I want to express him. “

A man then was dragged away by the security personnel, while screaming not to be brought to the elevator, the release will be interrupted for a few seconds. (This may be the most concerned alliance president press conference. Of course, it is very likely that Xiao Hua is more concerned about the press conference made to the Los Angeles Clippers. This also attracted in social media. For the ridicule of Gudel, they said that Goodel needs to add “Security” on the list of the NFL’s transaction. The elevator whose rapidly cranked elevators looks against the protest of the family storm events that have received much attention from last week. Last week, Baltimo cruluna junited Ray Rice was beaten in the elevator. The full video of the fiancee was exposed.

Myrata said in a twecial video: “I am very happy to play a four-year year, representing this team with this city. I can’t wait to play on behalf of the family, show my ability. I will put these Dedicated to the fans, strive to win the championship. “

Manzell brain shock, Davis or first hair

This week, Pittsburgh Steelman will be against the BLEVLANBREN, they first need to ensure that they win this game. Brown Siwu Qiang Ni-Manzel is likely to ablate the last week of the routine match. According to reports, the substitute quartz-Davis Austin Davis will start the first.

Myrata was selected by the eagle in 2018, and the career did not play the game two years. However, he had a significant progress under the point of Jeff Stoutland at the offensive front line coach Jeff Stoutland. When the injured of the eagle offensive front line last season, he was first played in 10 games, and he proved his ability.

This season, the Nordan venue is a lot of swearing in the opponent, but this time he is a counter-state, he comes to Manning: “He is Manning, I have worshiped the characters, this is what I want to face, it is difficult to believe NS.

The first heavy head in the second half of the season, the two 6-2 negative teams in the Melan West are will meet. The Denver Mabras, the first (average limit of the number of opponents) to the Bay area, and the Auckland raid team of the first (average passed 285.1 ym) of the United States. Contradictory war is about to come.

Men's San Jose Sharks #20 Evgeni Nabokov Black Adidas Stitched JerseyDenver Morn Horse has lost a lot of teams in the team’s defensive group, but they still retain the powerful defensive backfinder combination. In the game last week, in the game of San Diego, the corner of Bradley was completed at a 49-yard copy of the CD. This is the third time to do in the season’s horses. The most valuable player Feng-Miller this season last season is quite good. As of the last week’s game, I have already won the second 8.5 killing of the league, although the raid people’s offensive frontline is in the entire assembly, But in the face of Miller in the peak of the career, it is estimated that they will not be a bit lord.

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