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In the game, Newton has encountered many helmets impact, and after the game, it was taken to do the brain volatile test, but Newton said: “I have been hit, but I don’t think this is the signal of brain, I know The influence of the impact, but this is a rugby game, this is a physical contact. “

Perry last season for the New Orleans Saints. He was added to the Saint Training Group after being cut by the Indianapolis pony in early September, followed by promoting the big list in the third week. But in the game against the Carolina black panther, his ankle was injured and thus reimbursed season.

Perry was punished by the Alliance in the last season, and the personal behavior of the personal behavior was punished by the personal behavior of the personal behavior in violation of the ban. This ban is due to the rest of the stolen, robbery and drunk after last year.

Odel Beckham: I hope to become the greatest external connection

Odell Beckham Jr. In progress, this New York Giant’s external connections hopes that he has become the greatest external connector of NFL history.

We will remember Tilman is an excellent area defensive angle. His physical quality is excellent, forcing the opponent’s mistake, rarely allows the opponent to get the number of quota. We will still remember that he used to force the opponent’s landmark. Since entering the Alliance, he has achieved 44 forcing the ball. Since 2003, Tilman has only a defensive defender forcing the top ten of the population rankings.

Hot thorn star Harry – Kane served as NFL British College Image Ambassador

Beijing July 5th, Tottenm Hot stabbed family, Harry Kane, Totten, National Team, Harry Kane, has become the official image ambassador of NFL College.

Tirman announced this news on Tilt on Monday, ending his outstanding career. In 2003, the second round of the second round of the Chicago chi Tirman’s growth is the leader of the bear defensive group of the national ruling in the middle of the 2000s. At least 14 games in each season between 2005 and 2012, which was selected for a while.

Newton: I don’t worry, I only care about winning.

Kumen Newton (Cam Newton) has failed in the first week. Two Denver’s defensive players in the next game were fined because of the MVP of the last season.

If you think that Newton will care about these, you are wrong, Newton has received an interview: “What is worried? I only care about winning, win the victory of American football games, this is why I am here, I don’t care about me. Retired plan, I don’t care about my pension, I am here to win the game. “

The injury has affected Tilman in the last season of the bear, but he eventually became an important member in the Corolina black panther to become an important member, and he first got 12 games. Tirman had a four games in front of the knee, and then he took the battle in the 15th week to 17th and completely torn the ligament.

“I am very proud to be the NFL Academy’s Image Ambassador,” I started the career of the career through the Phhane Youth Training College. “I am a fanatic fan of NFL and have been concerned about this event. I am very excited that my team can bring NFL to Tottenham and our local community to benefit from this cooperation. I can’t wait to want to want I saw the NFL college started working. “

Recently, Baker Ham said: “Engaged in your favorite exercise, then getting the candidate this is a great thing, but I will not stop this sport because of income problems, honestly I hope that I have become the greatest player in history, I will work hard. “

NFL will host this year’s first two London games at the new home of the new home on October 6th and 13th. At that time, the Auckland raid will face Chicago bear, and Tampawan pirate will face the Carolina Black Leopard.

Old will horn Khals Tilman retired

After struggling for circleplus.io 13 seasons, two degrees were selected for professional bowls and won the Walter-Penon New Year’s Award, and CHARLES TILLS TILLMAN decided to retire.

According to the report of the Denver Mail, the wild horse playing the Matt Prater will be punished by the alliance in the ban on the alliance. In fact, since Prat was drunk after driving in 2011, he has been subject to the focus of the Alliance Alcohol Education Department.

This college will be officially operated in Barnette and Sosgate College in September this year. Its purpose is to provide opportunities for students aged 16-18 to learn life skills in education and conduct high-intensity American football training under the guidance of full-time professional trains.

Pratt has been affected by the ban on the wild horses. His hit rate reached 96.2%, which is the leader in the alliance, and he kicked a 64-yard free kick when he was in December last year. It is a record.

“I am wrong,” Prat said, “I will take all responsibility for my behavior, I will learn lessons, then do a better self. I have to give my teammates, coaches, all The fans apologize. “Pratt’s lawyer also said that no one is more frustrated by Pratt, which is very frustrated by him.

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