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In addition, near-end Thaler Kroft, Levi Wallace and San Marlowe, the three people and Norman have been closely contacted. Also added to the new crown reserve list. These people will also absent this week.

In addition, the ram is the second branch of the team that releases a new jersey this year as the main element. The ram uses a design from the bottom white gradient to the top yellow design in the main court, which highlights the other two main colors of the yellow white on the basis of a long time. The number on the bus jungle does not use gradient design, but pure blue.

The new jersey has three pants selection: yellow, bone, blue, among which yellow and products will match the home jersey, and the bone is only used with the game. Three autumn trousers have different stripes. The blueball pants have a gradient design similar to the jersey, and there is a crude blue stripe on the yellow pants, and there is a white stripe on one side of the stripe. There is a rough white stripe on the bone pants, and one side of the stripe has a fine yellow stripe.

The new helmet of the ram is particularly bright, and there is a yellow ram horn pattern design on the blue helmet, and the whole helmet has a metal texture. Yellow and white elements will be very attractive to the eye when it is equipped with full basketball shocks.

Norman has absent three games before the injury of leg gluters. In order to ensure the depth of the second-line lineup, Bill from the training lineup activation corner Dalier WORLEY and DANE JACKSON. Line Darren Lee, Darron Lee, Jake Kumeo, and Safety Swan THOMAS.

Bront has become accustomed to sharing the backfinder with others, he said: “I am here to do everything to help the team. I will listen to all directions of the Patrixian coach. I hope that my existence will be more strong, also Will try to use your strengths. “

In the 2016 season, Bronte was built 299, the Patriots in the patriots, but he only won eight games. Dion Lewis and James White have gained a first opportunity. 2017 season, www.Masriastore.com Brang specially combats with Corey Clement and Jay Ajayi.

Jackson got 37 cocked 1 time in the last season and three times destroyed. After the Tiger Selects the Fifth Year Contract option, he is very critical in the new season. He hopes that he can get a long stay.

Russell Wilson: I will prepare to play the next game.

Russell Wilson fully participated in Wednesday training is a good sign, which means that his ankle sprained in the first battle in the season will not let him absent the game against Los Angeles ram.

This new color name is “色”, which is a little bit of color than the standard white. As with an old old paper, this color is a historical vicissitudes. The ram also said that this color will make fans think of the true color of the ram.

Four points of Matthew Matthew Stafford said: “Now, they are still too early. We have not wear equipment, and the defensive players have not fully hugged. Brownite is very strong, Other teams have proven that they are really good. “

Since moving back to Los Angeles in 2016, the ram will move into a new court that is waiting for a long time this year. The ram released a new jersey on Wednes, including the first time by the NFL team.

“They choose to implement my fifth year contract, so I am very lucky,” Jackson said. “I just want to play, I have to be happy and then it is natural. I love it in Cincinnati. I feel very comfortable. They have a great coach team, I also have a great teammate.”

The lion will continue to adjust the running air wheel

At present, the male lions’ running guards include the old Legalrette Blount, Kaili-Johnson, Cyrryon Johnson, West Oly, Reedke, Amir – Abdullah ( Ameer Abdullah).

Tiger Corner William – Jackson: I hope to renew your long-term team with the team

Cincinnati Matulators William – Jackson Jackson is still insisting on the shoulders of the shoulders of the shoulders last season. After the end of the season, he accepted the operation.

Lightning team signed the veteran kicker Mark Black

In the game with the New England Patriopters last week, San Diego Flash Broth abandoned Mike Scifres, in an abandoning kick, it was blocked, and he had not been able to continue this season.

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