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This season NFL finally no winning team got a winning rate, they won the victory back to 368 days ago, they defeated 7 wins and 3-negative chiefs, and the chief has just completed the championship last season. If this is not the most crazy thing in the Cheap nfl Jerseys From china 2014 season, what else is there?

History will no longer remember this group of raiders, 2008 Detroit Lions and once they have completed the 0 wins and 16-loss season that can’t be forgotten. Today, 0 wins and 10 losses have faced the challenge of the Kansas chieftain, and finally won the game with 24 to 20, they can end the season in 1 wins and 15, no one will care about anything.

The Miami Sea Dolphin is sitting in the 4th week of “home” against the New York jet, the 7th week will be held by the Buffalo Bill, and the 8th Zhou Kasas Emirates as the main team against the Detroit Lion team.

“Let him unwell, you can’t stay in place.” Su said, “We know that he likes to be retrace, walk in the pocket, then comfortable to the ball, but my job is to do everything I can mess with Hellip; & hellip; When we met with him, we got a lot of excellent impact and understood what they want to do. “

“Art Rooney said:” I am happy to announce that we have a contract with Kevin Kobbert for a year. Kevin makes a lot of contributions to the team’s success, he The investment of work is also difficult. I am very glad that he can continue to lead us. “

The two London games that have ended this season were defeated by the Dolphin team, and the Detroit Lion team reversed the Atlantian Falc, and this week will be “the United States Team Dallas Deni Team and Jacksonville America Team game.

Maxi Maxvil tried in the Hawks. He once in 2011 to 2014, was a Haiying’s effectiveness, starting 17 games. After that, he joined the Philadelphia eagle with a 6-year contract. In the last month, he was cut off by Miami dolphins. He was only played in 2 games this season. In the early season, the leg teasing is limited to his appearance time and his poor performance on the court makes him exclude the list of appearances before being cut two weeks.

Maxvil’s 2016 season is eye-catching, the Hawks will hopes that he can return to such a state. He is very suitable for the defensive system of the sea eagle and has experienced experience in this system.

Endam hole – Su: My job is an annoyance of Braddy

Dolphin Defensive Front member Ndamukong Suh is also asked with old friends, patriots four points Tom Brady. This Sui will do our best to provoke Braddy.

This is the tenth year of Cocbert as the general manager, he said: “It is very fortunate to work in the steel man for 20 years. I will accept the challenge of letting the team in the playoffs, and will not lose the ultimate Target & mdash; & mdash; winning a super bowl. “

Kevin Kemin, Steelman and General Manager, has been a year

US time on Wednesday, the steel man officially announced that the team vice chairman and General Manager Kevin Colbert renewed for one year contract.

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