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“The high-level person is being dealt,” Sneee said, “My broker is now in this way, I only focus on the health training of every day. I hope that my state is not bad in this summer, I can do it before the training camp Prepare. “

The Australian abandoned kick was traded to the giant before the 2015 season, and the giants paid a seventh round of draft. In the 2016 Summer Giants, I have signed a renewal contract worth more than $ 7 million in a three-year value. There is still 2 years left when the temperature is cut, and his contract will still occupy a salary space of $ 1 million after being cut off.

Qian clinkland Brown took over Andrew Hawkins announced that he will join the patriot on Wednesday. It is reported that the contract is 1 year. In addition, Hawkins refused the harmonious contracts from other teams and still chose to join the patriot.

This lineup is adjusted among people. There are many players in giant arrays, are not introduced by Dave Gettleman (Dave Gettleman) from the new coach Pat Shurmur and General Manager. Shu Mo once hinted to adjust the player position during the previous body measurement.

Wide receiver Julian – Edelman (Julian Edelman) also return to the team passing game more entertaining, but at glycopyrrolate Koski opinion, rookie running back Sony – Michelle (Sony Michel) do a non-negligible contribution.

But before any contract signed, Schneider is waiting for the “Beast mode” to return the signal. “It is very difficult for these people, this content is a long season,” Schneider said. “We have played a lot of competitions in the past two. Especially this guy’s way, this is damaged his body.”

Schneider also said that Lin Qi’s decision “Not will be made on one night,” but if he returned to the team, they plan to rebuild the contract of the running guard. “Obviously we think he is a very good player,” Schneider said. “We want to let him come back. He knew this, his broker knows this. He knows that if he comes back, his salary will not be the same as he is expected to earn.”

Michelle race on Thursday night rushed the ball 18 times advancing 98 yards, touchdown, he rushed the ball 25 times in last week’s game against the Dolphins, advancing 112 yards, and also completed a touchdown.

Hawkins admits that they have to work hard to be in the patriot. The patriot is in Brandin Cooks in this year, and they also have Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, Markham – Rice Malcolm Mitchell and Danny Amendola.

Willie-Sneee still hopes to reach a growing up to SaintBeijing June 16th this week earlier, the steel man’s disappearance, Alejandro Villanueva participated in the mandatory mini training camp in the case of the unsigned contract.

“This is never the problem of money.” Hawkins said. “Honestly, I refuse may be a quote of 2 times the value of the patriot contract. But as I said, for me is the most important thing about the winning and let me be in the best position that can achieve this. “

Geloski said that it did not consider retirement issuesAfter the end of the regular season, NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapople reported that the Patriot’s near-end Around Rob Gronkowski will consider retireration again after the end of the season. Some people think that he will not continue to play. Therefore, last Sunday playoffs may be the last game of Gronoski in the Gillette Stadium.

Haiying General Manager: Waiting for Lin Qi himself to make a decisionSeattle Hawks know that Marshawn Lynch is the master bone of the offensive group, but they don’t know if he has decided no longer support the team.

At the time of broadcasting interviews on Tuesday, John Schneider, a general manager, said that the team is waiting for Lin Qi to decide whether he retired or returned. “Do he take the game next season, I can’t answer this question,” Schneider said. “I don’t know if he made a decision at this critical moment.”

Although Villa Newa did not sign the character’s free player bidding contract, he signed a wounded Protection Wacess (Injury Protection Waiver), if he was seriously injured, this statement will allow him to get 6.15 million US dollars, but he Also interested in negotiations with the team. One person in the alliance is more than Wira Niom is this.

Gronoski’s data in the last game is not bright, only one ball is completed, and the 25 yard is promoted. But his contribution is much higher than that of the data can be displayed. Since the lightning player should have more flowers to defensive Geloski, other outer junctions are easier to get rid of defensive gain space, Julian EDELMAN Benefit herein. In addition, Gronoski’s covert technology also helped to run Sony Michel to kill four squares.

With Michelle’s rushing ability, his backcourt mate, James – White (James White) can be responsible for a lot of the ball. Patriot is also relying on a more balanced offensive arrangements completed two-game winning streak, improve record to 3-2.

. “The offensive line did well, and he (Michelle) rushed the ball the way, but also to run it completely false attack more effective” glycopyrrolate Koski said after the game: “I have done today run two false true biography access ball, thanks to Michelle. he rushed the ball way to make linebacker not taken lightly, so he is very component in the attack. “

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