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Jim was in the 2015 season of 49 people in San Francisco, but because of 5 wins and 11-negative records he was tetched by the team. In this period of this uncomfortable, his family gave him suggestion and shaved the beard.

Jim told reporters: “My wife said that you look too old and very embarrassed, put the beard. My daughter said, so I started to shave the beard, and I have been fat for 20 years, so I Start choosing to lose weight. “

Jet’s external hand of Quince, Quincy Enunwa, will take 1 to 2 weeks because of the thumb injury, according to New York Daily News, 26 years old Queense-Isavi I have been wrapped in the right hand. Jet Toter – Todd Bowls Refused

Andrew Luck In the break, the injury in the offset period was finally changed to a result of everyone who did not want to see it. This pony is a four-defense that has been informing the team to retire cheap Jerseys from china NFL. ESPN first reported this heavy news, we will continue to follow into the event of Racle.

In the fourth quarter of 38-31 Shengyucai, the defensive cut-off Trysten Hill used him using the “crocodile roll”. After Carson was smashed down, Hill continued to catch the left leg of Carson when rolling. When the value of the referee did not blow.

Jet, handle is absent from 1 to 2 weeks due to injuryBeijing August 4, US Time, According to NFL official reporters, Kevin Patra reported that jets have been absent from the injury, so it may continue to be absent.

“Thank you eagle to pick me, let my NFL dream come true. Thank you Mr. Lu, Howie Roseman and Eagle Management, Pedson Coach and All Coaches, Training Teams, Equipment Teams and All The team base support team. This is a wonderful journey, I wish you all good. “

Haiying coach Carol is not full of denim players dangerousUS Time Monday, Haiye coach Pitt-Carrol said, Run Kris Carson (Chris Carson) knee sprain. He also made an opinion on the ball that causing Karson’s injured.

“Good City & Mdash; & mdash; Thank you. This is my home in the past 5 years. This is everything you can dream from the child from North Dakota. My family is growing here, I have been very happy, eat it. Many great foods have become a part of an unparalleled church, and there are so many conferences in the field. On the court, we brought the Lombadad Cup to Philadelphia, hoping to bring many happiness for the city for so many years. Thank you for supporting my family, the Foundation, and the eagle fans who support our team in Willing Win. You can play in a city for the enthusiasm and loveless city of the team. Thank you for your family and Foundation & mdash; & mdash; We hope that we have had a positive impact in the Philadelphia community and look forward to continuing us to help this area! “

Pony this year’s third round of draft and 2022 cases have been cleared from the eagle trading from the eagle trading. If Wenz gets 75% of the play time in the new season, or get 70% of the game time and the pony enters the playoffs, this second round of draft selection will be upgraded to the first round of draft. At the same time, Herd is currently the number of eagles of the eagle.

But his excellent performance last season will only make people feel a bright future, but will not doubt that he wants to consider retirement. Last season, he passed the 4593 yards last season, reached 39 times, with team to enter the playoffs. If it is not just hitting the momentum of Patrick Mahomes and the chief, the little horse may go further, and Lak can compete for the final MVP award.

After 1 year of contract with the eagle sign, Wenz once played the MVP level in the last season, and the relationship with the team has deteriorated. His performance declines, and the eagle also lost the opportunity to go to the worst partition. In the end, Wenz was replaced by jalen hurts in 2020, and the latter was first in the last four games in the season. The old eagle last season has 4 wins and 11 losses 1 flat.

Whether Joseph can leave a team once doubts after the wild horse is poor. After winning more than a lot of records in five consecutive seasons, this season’s wild horses only achieved 5 wins and 11 losses, including 8 games for spending more than 10 points.

Pony four-point guardian Dru Lak is ready to retireUpdate: At an emergency press conference, Rack confirmed its own decommissioned decision. He said: “This decision is not easy. Hone other words, this can be elected to the most difficult decision of my life, but this is also the right decision.” Rac said that he felt that he was “trapped” a injured recovery cycle. Various size injuries “took away the happiness I got from the game.” The emotions of Lak show, he is indeed unfair to leave. Lak said that he had swept himself and will never experience the pain before appreciation. But the ankle injury made him a similar feeling in the past few weeks.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, Rark has considered at least two weeks. He knocked married, planned to travel the world, and the love of the game has no longer contemporary. So he finally selected to leave.

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