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Charles said: “This is a long time in the past, the most difficult moment, I feel very bad. It is my mistake to cause this loss. I tried the team, but finally because of my cause lost. The game is my fault tonight. “The last 35 seconds of the game, the chief is still arranged in Charles holding. The team hopes that he can complete a long code to advance. If the team can bring the game into the overtime game. However, Charles turned down when Brandon Marshall, and the wild horse role, Bradley Roby, took the opportunity to pick up the ball.

Twitter: “If you can’t start good end, how will the better future? I am very grateful and very excited & hellip; & hellip; I will interact with the collection. But now, I just want to say something & mdash; & mdash; Thank you! Thank you one person!”

When I was asked to have a negative impact on his future confidence in such a short time, Bradford said, “I have experienced a lot of polishs in the alliance. As for my confidence, I treat these I don’t think this will affect this. “

After receiving Bradford on Saturday, Viking people made Hill and Bradford in training in training in training. This transaction made Bradford from the Philadelphia Eagle’s first four-dimensional heavier to study the state of new attack tactics before the first battle of the season.

Jacksonville American Tiger selected Jennings in the seventh round of the 2009 drainage conference. As a multi-functional running guard, he has played the courage, raids and giants, career scorpion 3,722 yards, catching the ball 1, 468 yards, and 25 times.

Career 47 NFL games, Baker Ham abandoned to attack 33 times, advanced 263 yards, once a ball back to advance 20 yards. Buckley completed 18 kicks at universities to attack, advanced 500 yards, and achieved 2 reached.

This year is the first time the teams did not hold offseason training field since 2011. Although the epidemic continues to make new season outlook remains uncertain, Allen is still looking forward to return to action in September.

Charles said: “I just want to complete a promotion, there is no too much, the ball is hit. I should have more smart and use my hands. I have already played a lot of games in the League, I You should know the importance of the last moment. If we can enter the overtime, we have the opportunity to win. “In the first quarter, Charles still promoted the ball after the red area, and the chance of score chance Let it make.

Viking will decide the first quarter-off candidate before the gameMike Zimmer, Mike Zimmer, said that he has not decided to appoint Shaw Hill or Sam-Bradford (SAM). Bradford, who was started, he also said that the starter was announced until the game.

These two have indeed a good attack, but they are obviously larger in the offensive group, and if they are injured in the attack, they are not worth it. However, considering the love of the two to match the game, it is not impossible to take the initiative.

In this offseason, Allen focused on building a tacit understanding with his teammates. Prior to his rookie teammate Zach and Wholesale jerseys California – together trained Hawkins (Isaiah Hodgins) – Moss (Zack Moss) and Isiah.

Giants may use Barkel and Beckham to attackOn September 4th, the New York Giants have been cut off the external hand Kalif raymond and Henter Sharp. These two are the main seasons. Back to attack, Raymond also is responsible for the next session to attack the mission.

In this way, the attacking hand of the giant left is very limited. The Kaelin Clay, who has just been claimed last week, abandoned 44 times, can consider it. But the head coach Pat Shurmur also has other considerations.

Bradford said that it is more adapted to the team’s attack compared to the first time to participate in the training, he also said that if he appeared in the first game, he would not wear a tactical wristband.

“Psychologically let everyone feel the football back, we returned to the camp, we were back on the training offseason, and we teammates together, we was not worried about what is happening now in the world, and we took to court each other focus on a goal, and that is to get better, “Allen said. “In this play, we get continuity. Really, there is only newcomer Stephanie von I and others have established a tacit understanding. I have preached to rookie ball.”

Charles takes responsibility: Gill meKansas City Chief Core Runja Jamal Charles has always been the top of the team, but on Thursday Night Tour, it is the end of his last moment, so that the wild horse has successfully returned to reach, and reverse scores Get victory. After the game, the result of talking about this game is that Charles took the initiative to take responsibility.

But then, Allen organized a group of nearly 20 offensive teammates & mdash; & mdash; including the new foreign aid took von Christi – Diggs (Stefon Diggs) & mdash; & mdash; to Miami for a period of four days of training. This time, they are a total of four days in the training field training, dinner, golf and playing cards at night at the hotel.

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