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After returning the dressing room, Ma Shapel was confirmed as the ribs damaged, and the ambulance to the hospital was taken after half. At this time, Marshal performance was excellent, and the ball was pushed into 61 yards, including a 42 yard single-handed ball.

According to bystanders, the offensive group of wild horses actually have a wonderful performance, which is in 7 pairs of 7 and the Romeo Crennel, guided by JJ Watt and Jedvie – Cretini ( JADEVEON CLOWNEY) The 4-3 defensive firing team training is reflected in the training. But this offensive team, showing some burnout moments after winning the chief in 34-0.

Carter Left hand passed down the refereeIn the game ended on October 13, there were many beautiful tactics in the Chicago bear and Atlanta, but the most memorable or the first day, this should be the bear on the right hand. Team quartz-SME – Carteller tried to pass on the left hand to Matt Forte, but hit the referee.

Bishop Bradley (GUS BRADLEY) said that the injury is not serious, even if Botus is absent, there is no need to worry about the training on Wednesday. The game, Boters passed 33 times, completed 23 times, and completed 4 times while the 303 yards was promoted, and they were copied once, and the quadritimeter was scored 125.4. Creating a new career in the number of passes and scores.

American Tiger 4 points Bouters Shoulder Lock Joint SprainJacksonville American Tiger announced that the four-point Weve Bortles squatted in the team with 38-31 losing to Tampawan pirates. Botels stripped to complete the game, the team did not expressly indicate whether the injured should be the shoulder on one side.

After 2 hours of practice, Manning said: “Our offensive group today is too bad, dragging the hind legs of the defensive group.” When the 5th MVP is dissatisfied, no one will be happy. Manning said: “Today, there are too many fouls, and the cooperation is not tacit, and there is no effort to make us look like a team, I have not done it.” When I asked how to make him angry, Manning is stacked. The reporter’s eyes will be the same as the eyes of the outer hand of the wrong route.

Botels did not lack the offensive weapons. With the return of Julius Thomas, Bolius Thomas will bring the ball in Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns. Team offensive group advancement. On the other hand, the performance of the offensive front line needs to continue progress, and the game Bottles is killed 6 times.

The bear outside the bear, Major ribs were injured to the hospitalThe Chicago Bear Team took over Brandon Marshall injured in the second quarter of the Dallas denim today. At the time, Marshal was attached to the back of the denim defensive player when they landed at a time. Subsequently Lying on the grass, the medical staff will take treatment, and Ma Shawa will go back to the farm in the help of the teammates for a few minutes.

In this game, Carterler 38 passed 26, complete 381 yards and a reachable, eventually led the team with a 27-1 13, now the total record of the bear team returned to 3 wins and 3 wins, and the Falcon’s record is 2 wins 4 negative.

Wild horses and Texas come together in Manning angered friendsOn August 20th, Beijing time, Denver Mangma team took a field exercise in the Texas of Houston. The wild horse quadruptions are very dissatisfied with this training.

The wild horses have always kept winning Cheap Jerseys From China the season, and Manning has passed a total of 27 times in the preseason, twice successful, passing 182 yards, 1 time. It seems that the wild horses are ready for regular season.

Rochester fought for 6 and a half seasons for the jet, helping the team to win the most brilliant achievements in his career, and the season jet defenders were ranked first in the US Rugby League (AFL).

After the end of the 1969 season, Rochester chose to retire and participated in the business, opened its own company, selling buildings and roof materials in Florida, Georgia and Alabama, and he is also a real estate business.

Rochester joined Dallas Dezhou in 1960 to start their career. He has a total of four years for this team that has become the Chief of Kansas City. He was cut off during the 1963 season, but he quickly signed by the jet and became the first defensive cut off.

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