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Turbys has the opportunity to cooperate with the first lineupWho is the best quadruption on the bear training site on Wednesday? It may be that I have passed and in front of the edge of the front inspection, John Fox is currently Perton Manning, but then, he can’t say that he can’t play the game.

“I am more fortunate, I have my own training venues, I can do need the project. Some people live in a living room, the surrounding gymnasium is closed, no venue. There is no reason not to train in 2011, but this year is really no more “

Texas people will be near the end Koli-Lee trading to the bear teamHoustown Dexas people announced near the Termali-Lee trading to the Chicago bear on Wednesday, exchanged a 6-year-old 2017. In addition, Texas also cut off another close-end Brumb-Anner (Blake Annen).

James has previously signed a $ 51 million contract with a wild horse in 2019, and the side reflects the excellent performance in his field. Unfortunately, the knee hurts only played only 3 games in that year.

Kali-mouse is a rookie this year, and he won the 71 yards 5 times in the first three games in the new season. In addition, https://www.rumahquran.info/ he was widely known because of the “harden training camp” (Hard Knocks). It was widely known. Bill O & Rsquo; Brien.

The first two appearances were rosewarted in Glenn, the three quartz, Mark Sanchez, will appear as the second option. The bear planned to let Glenn, after the first half, then Trobeski hits the next half with other starting members of the offensive group.

At this awarding Newton, Newton has also harvested the honor of the best offensive players, and his MVP vote has won 48 in a total of 50 votes, and two votes are Tom Brady and Carson-Parme. (CARSON PALMER) obtained.

The crow will continue to run Ewvo, signing the cuts, JamesUS Time Monday, according to ESPN reporters, crows and running 卫 古斯 – Edworth will renew 2 years, with a total new contract of 10 million US dollars.

The Chicago Bear is currently competitive in the near-end front. It is currently registered with Martellus Bennett, Bell Pask (Bear Pacoe), Zach – Miller (Zach Miller) and Dante Rosario, etc. players. However, because the bear team is currently not good at the near-end of the ball, Li still has a small opportunity to stay in the final list. Lanc Zierlein, once took Li Bi, Donal (Larry Donell, Giants).

“National Football League needs to get better,” Tomlin time performance. “These foul penalty will make people lose their jobs lose the game. We have to make the right penalty. So to be honest I feel uncomfortable. But that is all I have to say.”

Troy, executive vice president in charge of coalition operations – Vincent (Troy Vincent) already on Tomlin’s remarks and talked to him. Tomlin is a member of the league competition committee, so this may make him from being punished. It is also possible alliance believe Tomlin just to comment on the overall law enforcement rather than attack a specific penalty.

Steelers coach Tom Lin Zixin who were not punished for criticizing refereeBeijing October 10 hearing Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike – Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) after a 41-17 win last game public criticism of referees. In general, such behavior would lead to him being fined.

J.J. Watt: lack of lunar training may affect injuriesDue to the influence of new crown epidemics, many training programs in this year will not be held as scheduled. Although the reasons are different, but 9 years ago, the players have also experienced similar situations: preparations in the case of no lunar training and mini training camp.

Watt said in an interview: “There is no snap-in training in the two seasons & hellip; & hellip; but the biggest difference is that in 2011 we can train in the gym. You can get together, you can let the old will guide my tactics. Can be tested in field test. But due to the influence of the epidemic, we can’t do this this year. “

“Injury, it is also very important to get the physical condition of everyone.” Wat said, “Does which have a full-speed run? Is there a high-intensity action in the game? This is also a source of most injuries. 2011 Some injuries, such as leg teases, bullion tears, is because the intensity of training is not enough. Taking into account this year’s environment, if you still have to work as scheduled, I hope that the player will not be in a non-best state. “

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