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Jerome Felton said that McEawo is at least in terms of the total number of worships, and hopes that he can hit 2000 code mark and even break Eric Dickson. (Eric Dickerson) 2105 yards of the single season record.

Dolphin Corner: Beckham’s ball is not like meLittle Odel Beckham.jr) last week has been regarded as one of the most exciting balls in this season, but obviously some opinions, such as Dolphin Corner Verent Grent Grimes.

“In the claws of the lion, we are like a group of wild dogs.” Sherman said, “When he comes, we will become” bad people “, brought to the opponent It is the power of the power, we have a crazy wild dog, which will make the opponent feel very dangerous, (imagined) a group of wild dogs running with a lion, this is a dangerous force. “

Like anyone, Garbit is very unhappy, Gaburt told reporters: “This is really bad, I don’t like this, I don’t like the feeling of the field, I am very intentional, but I have to continue Work, continue to work forward, prepare, I will not laverse in video learning, because I need to play the game. “

When Pites arrived at Pots, everyone blessed him forward, which also mean that his injury may be more serious than it looks more serious. Many injuries have been injured many times in Pites career, and his Aqua tendon has suffered two injuries in the final season.

Maybe 5 foot jumps and face the most extensive proximity of the Alliance is the bottom of Grams. But compared with Baker Him’s ball? Beckham is back to pick up the ball, let alone the opponent’s corner guard against him. Moreover, he only used 3 fingers!

The eagle left cut Pites left in advance due to injuriesPhiladelphia eagle may have to lose their best players on the front line. In this week with the Carolina Black Panther, the eagle left is injured in the first quarter, followed by the battery car. According to the on-site report, Pites is not light, can it return to the game or unknown.

The single seasons are far from the 2000 yards, but McCoo will get a lot of flushing opportunities in this effort to rely on pavement attack and defensive winning. McCay 2013 The total number of matters is the most, if he has completed this achievement again this season, it is not necessary to be surprised.

Teammates look forward to the number of McCay scorpion codeBuffalo Biro Runwah Shaun McKea McCoy will play in a new offensive group, which will have more time to open the road in a new offensive group. And this fullness has a high expectation to him.

When visited by ESPN, Grams smiled and said: “That is a great boller, but I think, my one is better.” Height is 5 feet 10 inch (about 177 cm) he is in the 10th In the game, cheap Jerseys Zhou jumped highly in the end area, with a single hand to copy a pass to “Wei Zhentian” Kelvin-Johnson’s pass. “I jumped very high, and I know that I am a defensive player, that the ball is not wanting to pass it.”

Texas ran Wei Foster groin injured The Houston Texas Run Run, Arian Foster, in the first 8 weeks of the second-race runner of NFL, but in this week, his groin was injured in his belly in the game of Philadelphia.

According to the Dezhou people, the Foster was inverted in the absence of physical contact, and the groin was injured. His state is currently waiting for the nuclear magnetic resonance check to know, but he is very annoyed after injury to slam on the ground.

“I want him to break the record,” Felton said. “I want him to get 2000 yards. I want him to take a full league number. He is the same as Adrian Peterson. If he does not become a league number running in the next season, I will Very disappointed, this is of course. “

Sherman has many very interesting memories on Wednesday, including the satirical speech of Nova Brady, the new England Patriots, but the last season, most of this season. Shelman has become quiet and many.

Felton served as the whole government of Minnesota, while Saidson rushed to 2097 yards, which is the second high data in NFL history. Felton did not see why McCoo did not have similar performance. “Why can’t I?” Felton said. “He has such an ability. As a running guard who wants to get 2000 yards, you have to have the ability to sphere with a scorpion from any place. That is the goal I set up for him.”

“I have become less down.” Sherman smiled and smiled, “I really low-key, because this is an order. And on the other hand, I don’t want to get the flash to me, I want my teammate. I can get more attention this year. The audience is very interested in what you said, so I am in the words low-key old suit, so they will be pairs (Zhong Line Guard) Bobby (Bobby Wagner), (Bobby Wagner) A defensive end) Mike Bennett, Mike Rusler has many more attention to players who play a wonderful game. “

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