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Hawks Baldwen is not civilized to celebrate the million yuan ticket

The TV broadcast picture may not play Seattle Hawks Exterior Trip-Baldwin’s Dove Celebration on the Super Bowl, but this does not mean that the alliance will not be fined.

Pirate general is still trading rumors

US Time Tuesday, NFL will usher in the transaction deadline. At present, Tampa Bay pirates will be traded outside Wensent-Jackson’s rumors of Vincent Jackson. This week’s NFL official website exploded news, at least 4 teams have come into contact with pirates, they are: Philadelphia Eagle, New England Patriot, Kansas City Chief and Seattle Hawks.

According to NFL Media, Ian RapoPort reported on Friday, the alliance has opened a $ 11025 ticket for Baldwin, because he made an uncivilized gesture after the 3 yards of the game The referee also sentenced to violate sports moral fouls.

LOVIE SMITH said that the team will not plan to leave anyone. But at present, Jackson’s pirate career is about to come. This year’s team won Mike Evans in the draft, he is the natural avatar of Jackson.

Some people questioned whether the training of different teams is reasonable, especially those who have learned to Miller will be more likely to kill Miller’s teammates quartz. Last season, the offensive front line player also held its own annual conference, and the goal can better protect the quarterfield.

Baldwin said earlier this week, he didn’t regret it in front of the billionaire. He said: “I just enjoy the fun of rugby, there is nothing to explain, I have already played so long. The time of the game, I am not tired of because I can enjoy happiness, it doesn’t matter if I have not been fined, everyone’s opinions are different, but I don’t have it at that moment, my teammates know. “

Coach – John Fox (John Fox) announced that quarterback Jay – Cutler (Jay Cutler) will be due to the absence of the injured hamstring Sunday’s game, which makes Clausen starting to play the game against the Seattle Seahawks. Earlier reports pointed out that Cutler will miss at least two weeks.

In the game against the Arizona Cardinals play the game, Clausen took over after Cutler played 23 of 14 passes successfully obtained 121 yards, 1 passes were steals, only 56.6 quarterback rating. Clausen starting in the cheap nfl jerseys from china record of 1 wins and 10 losses, winning is the only time in the 2010 season Week 15 victory over the Arizona Cardinals.

Last Saikuo completed 91 battles to advance 1300 yards and 12 reached, and he is a high-efficiency player who completed the ball 72%. However, with the pretextments such as DEZ Bryant, there have been privileged labels. For UN, March 10 will be a very good chance to get a better in the free market. contract.

Marquise – Wilson (Marquess Wilson) will replace Geoffrey starter. cheap jerseys from china the point of view to play the game, the Bears passing attack will greatly depend tight end Matt Andrews – Bennett (Martellus Bennett), wide receiver Eddie – Royal (Eddie Royal) and running back Matt – Forte (Matt Forte).

“After many years, I talked about the strongest handle or the most all-round defending end, Nick Bosa’s name will be probably mentioned first.” Williams said, “I am very fortunate to be in training every day.” Farming. We can give the other party’s own ideas, which is also helpful to me. “

Many well-known rushers participated in this web conference, including the first season of the first season, the first Tampawan pirate defensive end Saquel Barrett, Cleveland Brown defensive end Mei S-Jiales Garrett and Arizona Tsearm defensive end of Deller Jones and other 13 people. In addition, Oregon University defensive Duanfeng Caoff-Xibdux also participated in this event.

Currently, the focus of packaging is not in the Kobi

Green Bay packaging will have a lot of high quality players in the next month to become a free player to enter the free market, the most concerned is Randall Cobb, but according to the news, the team is currently more It is inclined to complete the renewal of Bryan Bulaga.

Wild Horse Wide Von – Miller Online Holds Annual Punish Conference

When many four-point guards and offensive team friends privately organize training, those who are responsible for the stress of the quartz-saving manufacturing are improved through the network.

The official website reporter said: “Eagle and Haiying have been talking to pirates. According to our people, they are not only two participants. The core of the transaction is natural is Jackson. The patriot has been looking for a big figure that can take over the top. They naturally won’t let this opportunity. This year Jackson will take 10 million wages. This figure will continue to rise. The pirate does not mind to be brought to Yang. In several teams, a team is willing to provide a two round Draft sign. For pirates, the two-wheeled sign is unable to refuse, I think the transaction will be established immediately. “

Williams said: “I know that he is the top four, but he is better than I think. Take him with him, realize his cleverness, efforts to train, and comprehensively, I It is already possible to see that he became the best player in the future. “

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