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The incident occurred in the early morning of June 7, police found the car belonging to the Spikes in the side of the highway. The car navigation system company called police to report the driver said he hit a deer. Police later found a damaged rear of the car on the same road, the car three people slightly injured, but the vehicle fled. Ultimately, this incident to contact police Spikes and made up charges.

“I can’t complete the celebration or anything,” Tuluke said. “This is very busy, you are full of passion for the game. You want to get together to celebrate the result.” He also said: “People have celebrated there are more than 1 million times. Unfortunately I was hurt, but my career Has been held for 9 years, never missed 1 game. “Turkk said that when he celebrated and landed, he felt that the knees were” some of them “. He walked down, riding a fitness bicycle after the replacement, then returned to the game. After completing 1 defense, his knee still felt bad, so he left the game for insurance.

Attack front line (10) & mdash; & mdash; c. Linsley, l. Taylor, J. Evans, D. Bakhtiari, B. Bulaga, D. Barclay, K. Murpid, J. Spriggs, L. Patrick, J. Mccray [ Crop: T. Evans, G. Gray, A. Pankey, K. Amichia, R. Leff]

The 26-year-old front four-wheeled show is an example of another proven package through the draft, cultivating and rewarding players and will play an excellent player stay in the team. Danieles has never fulfilled its own rookie contract after four excellent season. So far, he has played excellent this season, and there must be an accident than any 3-4 defensive end of the league. Only J. J. Watt is close to him.

Turkock’s local time Sunday 19-7 defeated the Green Bay Packaging Workers in the first festival to celebrate the left knee injury and did not return. His injuries are still unknown, whether it is this Lion Middle Line Guard or the Jim Caldwell, there is no severity.

According to Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China official website, Ian Rapoport reported that packaging workers and defensive end Mike Daniels have renewed for 4 years, with a contract worth $ 42 million. This contract consists of 12 million US contracted bonuses, let Daniel are one of the highest raders.

The packaging workers retain the total 5 running guards (with a full mana), all the players selected this year were all retained; 10 offensive front line players were the most since 10 years; since 13 years, packages have only been first Two quarters were retained. Two election rookies & mdash; & mdash; corner guards Lenzy Pipkins and abandoned kicks Justin Vogel have entered the list; line guards Vince Biegel and corner DEMETRI Goodson To be allowed to be allowed to be allowed until at least six weeks of trading window will be allowed to be allowed; Geronimo allison can only be allowed to enter the list after the first week, but if you do this, you must have another person to be removed.

Lightning defensive end Edge Qi – Boss’s left foot injury leaving trainingBeijing August 8th news like Los Angeles Lightning will hopes that they will not have injuries in the training camp, but they still have not get rid of such bad luck.

Viking is close to Duan Feng BostickThe short-end-end Brandon-BRANDON BOSTICK needs to start looking for a new job. Local time Sunday, Minnesotavi people announced that Troves Bostick. Since the alliance requires that the various teams reduce the list of people on September 1, Bostick is also expected.

When the package is trying to do our best to do the best and patch the attack at the end of the season, they can rest assured that the defensive group is under the leadership of the excellent player. No one can break through Danieles.

Leji, sad, Diwi, Gui, celebrate, hurt, kneesThe Detroit Tripline Schthen Turk (Stephen Tullo) successfully killed the Green Bay packaging workers quartz to Alon Rogers. He is happy. So he began to celebrate. But he did not complete the action.

Line guard (7) & mdash; & mdash; c. Matthews, N. Perry, J. Ryan, B. Martinez, J. Thomas, K. FACKRELL [part of the reasons can not be played: v. Biegel; injury preservation: d. Talley; Sold by: J. Calvin, C. Heiman, D. Mathews, R. Gilbert, J. Tripp, J. Letuligsence】

In addition, Viking also tried to run away from Joe Banyard. This 26-year-old running guards 18 times a for Viking in the past two seasons. Last season, he completed 21 battles, promoted 88 yards, provided effective help in the future of the team in the back of the team.

Bostick’s name is well known from the players from the last season. The final stage of the competition, Seattle Hawks try gambling, when the green bay packaging player’s Bosti will take the ball, the sea eagle will take the ball, and finally reverse the score to enter the super bowl. After the end of the season, Bostick is naturally packaged.

After the 29-year-old veteran, he said he can still walk and did not feel the injury, so he thought this was a good signal. However, this injury makes people recall that the Arizona Red Patty players Bill Gramatica, he is celebrating the knee torn tear of the knee in a timeday. Obviously Turkock hopes that his injury will not be so serious. He said that it will be this week, may be on Monday, accept further inspection,

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