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Recently, the team’s temporary head coach-Campbell said that the team lacks leaders in the locker room. Recently, he told reporters: “I think everything is the leader, we can do better. We have leaders in our dressing room, but they are just working hard, they just agree with what they agree or not agree. Come out, not to lead us to the next new direction. “

“Honestly, no, I will not fight,” Bell said. “I will go to the team base in the first week. This will be the replay of last year. I will not go to the camp. I will not participate in additional activities such as the rest period training this, the same will not go.”

Hester: No matter how my life is not coming back. Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China has recently widely believed that the value of the value of the value of the values in the courtyard of the Atlantian Falun Eagle and Arizona Renary – Hester’s Palm Hester’s Packed Fascings in front of the side is wrong, sea The reachable of Steve is therefore canceled.

McCay has been in recent seasons that are not efficient, especially in this big contract. Bill also signed the old frank Gore in the offset period and selected Devin SingleTary in the third round of the draft. Singgitry is bright in the training camp and the preseason, which should be able to benefit from McCay’s departure.

The 26-year-old Bell trained in the last year, but there was no training with the team affected his initial time and state in the early season. In the first 3 weeks of competition, he got 60 yards, and the ball was 18.7 yards, and the 3 game was only achieved for 1 time.

Pete Carroll of Seattle Hawks was coached in South California University, and he said: “This season is the best season I have seen him. His considerable stick with the offensive group And he can complete the tactics of the coach arrangement. “This season’s red rickets are the second high score team in the Alliance, and each pass number of Palmer is far more than the other four-point guard.

The commentator of PFF said: “Serious knee injury returns, conquer the fans with a surprising man. If there is another season, Braddy and Newton will become the first, but this season is not as good as Palmer.” The 35-year-old will show us his ability to use 2386 yards to pass, 20 DV and up to 110.2.

At that time, Hester was about to fight, and the last defensive player of the red scitch was also discarded by the Drew Butler. It was forced to pass the paink mask. Hester was entangled, Hester stretched the arm. To push Badler’s mask attempt to get rid of it, it is not a referee to determine the fouling rules of two people, and the foul offsets this file to re-come. After the game, the Alliance had a fine of 8268 US dollars to Badler, and they did not punish Huste, because the alliance officials believe this is just a normal push action.

And I, after the elbow recovery, escaped from the “death penalty” under the orthopedic doctor, participated in the unveiled battle of this season, and contributed a thrilling turn with the warrior’s teammates, but fortunately became the Warriors on the spot. Team defending group of Leader.

The decision from the age, performance and salary perspective is not surprising. The 31-year-old McCay last season is the worst 10 years. In the 14 games last season, he got 514 yards, and the average of each shinkpole promoted 3.2 yards, and the longest a shock pushed 28 yards (all the lowest career), got 3 times. Original McCay is $ 61.75 million this year, it will occupy 905 million shipping space, apparently his performance is sorry for his salary.

Unfortunately, in a training before the beginning of the season, I suffered serious injuries & mdash; & mdash; tibial platform collapsed fracture. The doctor told me that even if you actively treat, it is better to participate in the confrontational movement, and you will be swimming.

The steel man wants to ensure that last year is no longer, but they are ready to let the Bell’s privilege label play. On Wednesday, the steel man reorganizes the contract of Antonio Brown, released $ 9.7 million salary space. This decision should be considered to move out of space for the steel person’s privileged label contract.

There are many unforgettable moments related to rugby: Alabama wins, the patriot won the championship, the Warrior won the championship in 18 years, as well as the big reversal of Titan, which has just passed.

But if you remember that the Bill Management has repeatedly expressed its support for McCay this year, this layoff is surprised by the outside world. Brandon McDermott and General Manager Brandon Beane have repeatedly expressed that McCaki will serve as the first running guard in the new season.

I chose conservative treatment after fracture. After removing the gypsum, in order to recover the ball, I started to check the rehabilitation information, and I worked hard to train rehabilitation at work.

There have been more than 4 years there, I was deeply infected and shocking by the American university football culture and atmosphere. Since then, I will start with my friends with friends in the season, chat, and the roots of rugby begins to sprout.

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