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People here will speak Mandarin, they are very cool. This city is beautiful, and the old-China Shanghai and internationalized metropolis are integrated. If you overlook Shanghai from the sky, you will see the Oriental Pearl Tower, the skyline is beautiful, especially when you see it.

The former professional wrestler, the current Hollywood star is the faithful fan of Arizona. Sheng Sen Week evening said he said that he “willing to play this person” simultaneously uploaded a fragment of Arian on the NFL official online documentary.

According to Ian Rapoport, Ian RapoPort reported that, Mike McCoy, who had served as an offensive coordinator in the wild horse, will return to the wild horse as an offensive coordinator. The recent bier Musgrave, who recently left Oakland Association, may become a four-dimensional coach in the wild horse.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that Stewart reported that Stewart was slightly sprased in the inner sub-ligament of the knee in the United States championship in the United States of England. Lobport said that Stewart should “ready to” play the super bowl.

You can just comment on the undulating offensive group of wild horses, but the wild horse defensive group needs attention. After letting Braddy fail, the wild horse will use the necessary passballs and close to the Passing Carolina Black Leopard. It has two healthy security to help.

Stewart played 46 files in this game, and he copied the Patriopters of Tom Brady before the third quarter was injured. This career entered the sixth year of safety and heavily replaced Schloh Keo. This body confrontational game in the fierce competition, another wild horse security Tj Ward (TJ Ward) is also injured. Seduilt.

NFL China’s staff is incredible, in fact they have more than their own work. There are probably more than 20 million fans who have seen rugby competitions in China, which is more than 1.5 million every week, it is amazing! Their work is worth struggling.

Perhaps more importantly, Cheap Jerseys this statement makes the crow that has been hurt. When Fraco is missing, the crow can only rely on the performance of the reassurance that it is unsaushed, Ryan Mallett, which leads to the choice of the free player market.

Although the two may have no raid four-point guards, Derek Carr, this is now, now they can get the guidance of Masgrev, who can serve as the quarter-saving coach and offensive coordinator, in him. Enthusiastic Karl entered a career bowl in two seasons.

McCoo leaving the wild horse after the 2012 season, the season wild horse score ranking the second, the total offensive promotion code rankings Fourth, the password number ranking alliance fifth, the scorpion code rankings the sixteenth. Although Pedon Manning is not out of the wild horse, at least this is a good news for the team two young quarters.

They said that the back of Vlaco has been examined again, and his recovery progresses “good.” This is a good news for the crow. They initially planned a three-week recovery schedule, but then they could not be determined. Recovery Time. At least now they can roughly understand when Frach is ready.

Crow Friday issued a statement in Fraco, will return to training during the preseason, but will not participate in the preseason, “they did not explain in the preseason in the preseason in the preseason, when the Frach was really returned.

This season, the ranks of the ranks of the Rankings, the twenty-two, the offensive promotion code rankings, the second seventh. I know that the team offensive group cannot continue such a wild horse to make such a manifestation.

Last season, Henry scored 1540 yards, ranked first, and also achieved 16 times. He is therefore selection of professional bowls. In addition, Henry is the first player at least 180 yards in three consecutive games.

Run Guardrick – Henry can’t take about about Tennesi Titan According to the inferry of Adam Schefter, the ADAM SCHEFTER, the Derrick Henry and Tennessee Titan are expected to sign a long time before the deadline on Wednesday.

I came to China, first of all, I would like to say is NFL China’s office. The office is not big, the staff is not much. The president is an American, and a lady is American Asian, and the rest of the employees are Chinese. They treat them so rigid and arrange them with each matter.

However, Malat’s performance in the first preseason game has been praised by coach John Harbaugh. In addition, Vlaco will return to training in a moment before the regular season. Everything is well, no need to worry.

One more time, I probably know how China is the country, how people here treat me. I don’t think you can imagine how happy I have lived here. Don’t misunderstand what I mean, my work is not easy. Here I worked here at 10:00 in the morning, we did a lot of things, but this is what I want. I want to feel everything I can feel, see everything I can see, and they just give me this opportunity. Thanks for them.

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