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Beijing time on September 18th, 8:20, US Eastern Time September 17 Monday night 8:20, this season’s second week of Night Military Silver Supreme Snowy, Soldier Field, in the main battle of Chicago, Wing Seattle Hawks. The two teams have not been able to win in the first week: the bear team is reversed by the green bay packaging in the away, and the Haiying will defeat the Dandan wild horse. The two teams will fight for the first victory. In terms of historical records, Chicago has not yet defeated the Hawks since the final season in the season, and the Hawks maintain the three consecutive wins to the bear team.

The team’s first quarter-free Lan Tan Tannehill leaving the training in a non-contact state in the training. After training, he accepted a nuclear magnetic resonance imaging examination, and the results showed that his left knee did not suffer structural injury.

Kevin Colbert, General Manager, wrote in the statement: “We have no signing privilege label contract for Le & Rsquo; Veon Bell), and is disappointed with teammate. Tomstan coach (Mike Tomlin) and coach groups will continue to focus on training, let players prepare for regular games against Braveland Brown. “

Grunett said in the video: “I am modifying my own competition plan, but I have to tell you, the stadium looks unparalleled. This is the most perfect thing I have seen. I want to congratulate all workers, you are The great achievements have been completed in the adversity. You have completed 99%, or 97% of the work, and now you will not be the same as the championship. “

Kubik’s tactics helped Baltimus Junja Jastern FotSett single seasons 1266 yards. And he used similar tactics Kyle Shanahan, Kyle Shanahan, who took Cleveland from the weaker army of the entire League to reach the ability to run into the team. In the 2013 season, Brown had only 4 shocks to reach the ball, and this number increased to 17 times this season, and the League 4th.

Bell is a continuous second summer absence team event, and he has not signed it before the 7.16 privileged label contract. Bell’s broker Adisa Bakari has also said that this may be Bell in the last season of steel people.

Tainnesell last season was torn in the same side of the knees, and therefore missed the last three regular sessions and playoffs. He then selects stem cell therapy rather than surgery. He wears his kneef knee in the training. And in the court dolphins and Tannesier insisted that his knees were no problem.

Anderson said: “I understand the tactical system of Kubiak in a short time, we all know what he wants. This is very suitable for us, I believe this play can be successful. He learned that the team is existing Personnel configuration also knows the ability of the players. For the cooperation with him, I can’t wait. “

cheap jerseys from china the 12th week, Anderson scored 648 yards, won 8 times, and the two data were in the same period to lead alliance all the running guards. With the joining of Kobia, the wild horses run will have the opportunity to replicate the efficient performance of the second half of this season next season.

Run Wei Husen: The system of Kubiak is very suitable for wild horses.In Denver Wilda, Gary Kubiak will become the head of the team next season, the question is mainly concentrated in Penton Manning to adapt to the tactics of the ground offense. Sports. However, this week, running guards C. J. Anderson (C. J. Anderson) took the lead in vocational, and he said that Kubiak’s tactical system will be very suitable for the current wild horses.

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