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For Jones, the biggest challenge is in the protection network: I don’t know when the opponent defensive player is close to my holder. I know when to shoot the ball in the mobile, know when the opponent defensive player is close and hopes to put the ball. When you drop, you still have to take […]

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Jet hosses Will Rocundus to offensive coordinatorUS Time Wednesday, New York Jet Officially announced that the former dolphin offensive coordinator Will Loggain is an offensive coordinator / quartz guard. Dong District 4 detachment, 3 in Shanghai, read full article 3 have the potential for winning, can say that Shanghai’s American football development is too many […]

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Texas will decide whether Claien can appear before the game Jadene – JADEVEON CLOWNEY has never resumed health this season, after a short return lineup, Houston Texas has once again included him in the injury list. Talking about whether this week’s Xi Xiu can fight the Philadelphia Eagle, Bill O & Rsquo; Brien, “I don’t […]

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NFL official website reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to team sources said the news reports of dolphins has been in free-agent defensive tackle En Dama hole – the battle for the Soviet Union (Ndamukong Suh) is obviously in the lead position. Dolphins have been in close consultation with the broker of the […]

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Smith is only 49 people for two seasons. He is the 2011 Hawie 7 round show, although not full-time, but also contributed a power for the Hawie’s super bowl. He completed a copy of a copy of the attack, got a drop, winning that year super Bowl of MVP awards. In the spring of 2015, […]

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Sags was 37 years old, cut off the rickets last Friday. He signed a $ 7 million contract with the Red Tit season, and wholesale nfl jerseys he took the team’s 13 games. He completed 37 times, 5.5 times, 4 times forced the ball, but he was in the crow 7 times Performance of professional […]