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Carter will make a young backfinder lineup with LeMical Perine, TEVIN COLEMAN. Other sectors of the offensive group are also talented: Elijah Moore’s addition to make jets do not worry about external depth, first round Xiu Maikai – Beckhi Becton with Aleza Villatak (Alijah) Vera-Tucker, adding bricks to the offensive front line, 4 points Wei Zak Wilson (Zach Wilson) is the core of the team leaders.

The Lawrence has signed the team label contract in the 2018 season, with a basic salary of $ 17.1 million. He completed 10.5 times this season, and he was selected for a professional bowl. It has also completed at least 10 consecutive days for two consecutive years, let him talk more about the contract.

If the passage of the ball is blown, the Saint will get a new first attack, and there is still 1:45 in the game. There is only one suspension left, theoretically, the Saint has the opportunity to win the table.

This also means that if Linch continues to decline, the number of fines will be increased by 50,000. After winning the Auckland raid in 2 weeks, Lin Qi received an interview. But after winning the New York giant last week, the media failed to see this exhabely running guard. After this week, Linqi refused an interview on the road to the locker room, and then he accepted the Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China official website in the locker room. At present, we have not determined that this phone interview can help him from punishment.

Attacks, Terron Armstead, said: “It is desperate to us. Of course, you can admit that leakage, apologize for this, but we have already packaged home. If the field The referee made the correct penalty, then we have a big chance to become a super bowler against the patriot. It is too late. It doesn’t recognize it for us. Too late. “

Linqi will face heavy punishments due to declineSeattle Sea Eagle Run Marshawn Lynch may be punished by a fines of $ 100,000 by the alliance because he rejected an interview after the game. This week, Haiye is 20-24 is responsible to the Chief of Kansas City. Earlier this week, some media broke the news if Lynch continued to decide to make a fine of penalty for him. Last season, he was a fine of $ 50,000 due to similar media events. According to reports, this year’s fine amount will rise to 100,000.

Carter said in an interview with a reporter: “My grades are very high, so when I am probably the second, third rounds, I started waiting (selected). & Hellip; & hellip; I feel my performance can win the high position. But when I wanted to go, the previous concerns were disappeared in an instant. I am very grateful to become a jet, because it is very perfect for me. “

Saints offensive cut off: Recognize that the leakage is too lateIn the National Union Championship in Sunday, the referee group did not blow the critical pass of the male passenger, Robbalman (Nickell Robey-Coleman), gave the macrower of the ram, dragging the game Overtime. The Saint lost the game.

In the future, it will include the outside world that is constantly compared to Brown and Bell’s steel people will express how and not in Brown and Bell in the steel man. Steelman players don’t care now.

“I think there is only time to prove that” the steel man runs James Conner “Monday. “I think maybe we have become more tight because you have experienced everything. In the course period, it is very interesting. It’s very exciting, and the teammate is very excited. Interactive and relationship. It is great to be great. Our team is very excited. “We are very excited for the future.”

The 33-year-old population will not retire after reimbursement.At present, the Chicago bear team puts the old Charles Tillman into the list of injuries reserved for his season. Now the problem is whether the old will serve in his 13th season is 2015. What about the competition in the season?

“We have been very respectful for them,” Cona said. “They are our front teammates. They are very good people, and they are also a great player. Worried that they will do their best in our team. We hope that they can have a good performance and wish them all well, But this doesn’t help us. Everything has passed. “

Jet rookie running guard Carter: ready to make contributionsWhen I learned that I was signed by the jet, I was looking away from Michael Carter. He believes that it is the same as the jet is the sky, and it can also contribute to the team.

Whether it can return, he will not only be recognized as a leader worthy of respect, but also a historical outstanding corner. Jared Allen said: “He is one of the reasons for my bear team. He is a very good guy, a very good teammate, trustworthy.”

Tikmin said at Monday, retired is not what he will consider, even if the same location is injured more than 2 times. “I am very grateful to encouragement and support from fans, I know that this will be better, but this is not the way I like. When I was injured, my role will transform to help coaches, support teammates, I will Do everything on the court I can do the help team to get the score. “

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