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Recently, a high-speed road big name was erected, and “welcomes Mario Tag to the new home”, of course this brand is also used for season package sales. There is another interesting slogan below: “This duck is going to land!” Yes, because of Oregon Logo is a duck style.

Gustosski: Signing a contract because of the stress of the patriotBeijing May 15th, this year, STEPHEN GOSTKOWSKI has passed a short leaving patriot, enter the free market test water. But in the end, he still chooses to return to his own actions.

One of the earliest action teams is Bill, and they have performed the contract options for Tre & Rsquo; Davious White at 4.23. Since 3 years ago, I have become the first round of Show, I have shown superior defensive capabilities, and I have been selected for the best lineup of the United States.

Summary of the implementation of the first round of the first round show in the 2017In 2017, the first round show ushered in a critical period: It is now the team decides whether to perform the fifth year of the rookie contract. The window deadline is 5.4 nights in the eastern time.

Texel is 30 years old and is ready to continue the battle. Therefore, there is a sudden sudden. At least in health, Derkel is the killing of the Red District, because this racing jet lost Brandon Marshall.

Gustosski said: “For me, this means a lot. This location is very fragile and variable. In my position, you don’t need much effort in the bottom of the top and fall into the valley. The highest pressure in the history of sports. The chance of the team competition can not be, it can continue so very precious & hellip; & hellip; I like the challenge here, not just bad weather & hellip; & hellip; there is a pressure of key competitions, etc. Can be used together with friends, teammates It is great to play in a familiar place. “

“Go back to our dolphins, keep the state of the first front line member is crucial, but the plan can not change the change, we have to ensure the next season, people standing in the field is the most efficient, can play our best combination.”

“He is still very young, he knows that there are many places to improve, we are looking forward to his future. Therefore, we have to give him a teammates, so that he will be the key to the future of dolphins.”

New York jet tried to transaction without fruit, Tsin, Eric DemBeijing June 13th, New York Jet continued to purify his team this week. They have an old player, and they are trying to transaction old will take over Eric Decker. The team chooses to contract.

Gustosski told reporters on Tuesday that he had considered signing from the contract, but returning to the superb bowl competitor’s temptation, the opportunity and pressure got in the patriot, let him finally decide to re-sign the contract of 2 years.

Although most people agree to this, Sam Darnold believes that they have a peek here made too many errors and express “unacceptable”. In the third starting competition, Darnod passed the ball 31 times, completed 15 times, pushed 169 yards, and was copied twice. The tactical arrangement is almost all short pass.

“In the spiritual level, I think he is very good yesterday, and the degree of perseverance is also reflected. In the face of difficulties, there is no shrinkage. When the pocket is protected, the external hand runs out of the empty, the pass will be easy, but involve it needs yourself When running, the situation is not the same. I think he is very correct, although it still needs to be strengthened, but I think he has grown a lot last night. After he won the first, the other person’s staring system This game has increased difficulty. But I think his decision is very good. “

Mike Pouncey Mike Mike is absent from 11 games this season, the old will be absent from the left side of Branden Albert, and there are still many sharp lines. experience. Despite this, Jay Ajai still has achieved the fourth and 1272 yards of the league.

“I think he is working hard to become a better self,” Glir said, “he will be more patience, the offensive front line is also very important. This year, he has to adapt to different teammates every week, this is the performance of him. It must be affected. But there is no doubt that Jay is eager to make strong, he wants more great. “

“Look at the falcon you will know how important this,” Glir said, “The Falcon’s attack is terrible, and their front line members have missed a game. Every year is healthy side by side. So, if you can keep your own attack front line first five tigers, then your offensive pressure will be a lot. “

Dolphins believe that healthy front line will enhance Jay-Ajai’s performanceMiami dolphins is very satisfied with their performance this year, but they think that the front line can make Ajai more on the next level.

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