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Jerrell Jernigan will absent the remaining competitions of Jerrell Jernigan due to serious sprains in the foot of the foot. It is reported that the third round of 2011 is injured in the second week and the red rickets, the game Gilnigan started, and the ball was 15 yards.

If Jones, like Alius said that it is invincible, this is not small in comparison with him last year. Last year, he scored 23 times, advanced 44 yards, reached 1 time, and completed 7 batches, advanced 33 yards.

John – Matanga (John Morton) on Tuesday asked if he would like next year to continue to cooperate with the veteran. “Of course, I have no reason to refuse?” Matanga replied, “Data obvious. I’m not a decision maker, but you might be able to ask the coach and management.”

Last season, the last season of Gilnige was strong, and the last three games took 237 yards. However, this season did not receive the weight of Eli Manning, and the two games were only 9 times to Gilnigan twice. After the end of this season, Gilneggen will become a free player. I believe there will be many teams to extend out of olive branches.

According to the history of the NFL draft conference, since the Sinnati Tigger in 1995, Since I chose the running guard in the first sign, there is no team to use the No. 1 sign to choose the running guard, and this location is gradually depreciating. If Buckley is selected, then His annual salary will reach 8.2 million US dollars, he will become a member of the top three before the Alliance.

Previously, the team has confirmed McQuarrie all starting the season in the rest of the game. This season, the team will not test tsabou Royce – Petty (Bryce Petty) and Kristan – Hackenberg (Christian Hackenberg), in fact, the two men next year may not have the opportunity to take up the responsibility of starting.

Pirate coach Aliis is very satisfied with existing runoff lineupBeijing July 31, the pirate coach Bruce – Alius is very satisfied with the existing running battle, satisfied with PEYTON Barber and Ronald Jones Who is the first.

Red skin signing offense cut Donald PetionBeijing July 31, the current attack, Trent Williams, did not stop the dismissal, and the red skin had to find another replacement. Donald Penn is the talent that they finally selected.

Buckley showed the performance of the rule of the rule on multiple projects, plus the average of the three seasons in three seasons, and the performance of 1000 yards can be completed each season, and the final 2 years of 43 rendengrangular generations.

Brown intentional yuan file selection match – BakleyIf the draft conference starts today, then the Pennsylvania State University’s Run-fighting – Bakley Saquon Barkley is very probably selected by the Cleveland Brown.

This season, McQuarrie sustained high output, demonstrating their gorgeous decisions, and are willing to pass the ball to external younger group, including a large number of machine code Robbie – Anderson (Robby Anderson). McQuarrie has now reached a career-high pass completion rate (61.8), passing touchdowns (18) and rushing (5).

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Giants mainly external hand is reimbursed in this seasonThe New York Giants are unfavorable this season, and they encounter two losers helpless in the bottom of the country. The sketch of the offensive is the current biggest problem in the team. The whole team is now looking forward to this year’s first rookie, Odell Beckham can recover from the leg teraphy and relieve the team. Stand with the ball. And now this expectation is even more urgent, because the giant lost one member.

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