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The Lewis rebuild contract made him easier to leave. He will become an important part of the offensive group, because the new offense coordinator Greg Olson likes to use multiple near-ends in offensive tactics. A total of 315 battles were completed 3789 yards 27 times of Lewis, which was a stable covering player and will be used as the inner near-end.

It is not clear whether Fremman can get a higher price than the sea eagle. His performance in the past two seasons has disappointed. In the 2018 season, he was only playing 2 storage competitions due to multiple injuries. Last season, he won the 656 yards of 656 yards. He has since he has become the worst data obtained in the complete season since he has become the first player in 2015, and his average data per shine advances 3.6 yards is the most career. Difference.

According to Ian Rapoport, the red scitch will be a master of the attack coordinator to the giant coatter – McCadu (Ben McAdoo). The front wild handshal Vaning is interviewed in the US Time this Thursday with the red row on the defensive coordinator.

Joseph served as a wild horse coach in 2017 and 2018 and was fired by the team. He has repeatedly served as a defensive coordinator in the University and Professional League. The last time was in the 2016 Dolphin team, the Dolphus team of the session, the total defensive ranking of the 19th place.

McCadu has served as the Attack Coordinator of the New York Giant during 2014 to 2015, and then became the team’s coach. The giant offensive group he coached was ranked 8th in 2014 in 2014. After that he was appointed as the team coach and was fired after the team got 2 wins and 10 losses.

Lewis’s new salary and the salary space can not be known, but it is expected to be much less than the salary than the original in 2015. Lewis accounted for $ 8.2 million salary is the third high in the team. Before he is two free players near this year, Julus Thomas (US $ 10.3 million) and defensive Dram Hadiad Odrick (9 million US dollars).

Murray and the team take over Dez Bryant will become free players on March 10, and Cowboy is currently hoping to leave two people. Next, it is expected that the cowboy will use the privilege label in one of them, of course, there are still many teams hope to get these two people.

Murole Waiting for Cowboy Negotiation ContractThere is still less than 1 month, Dallas Cowboy’s Run Demako Murray is to be a free player, which means that he and the new contract of the cowboy need to speed up.

In March, you can sign Thomas in May, Thomas, which may make Lewis’s Jiji’s career in danger. David Caldwell, said that Lewis cannot return to the team to participate in his own Season. “He has to compete to leave,” Kadvil said after signing Thomas.

At the beginning of the training camp, Running Rex Burkhead, James White and Sony Michel locked three seats in the big list. But with Mitchell injured, kicked off the curtain of Geelisry and Hill competition.

For running guards, the absence is not rare throughout the season. Revieng – Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) Two years ago, due to the difference between the contract, the famous Hall of John Riggins did this in his career. Ricky Williams and Ma Shawn Lynch have had experience after retiring for many years later. These four people have gained a considerable contract after returning to the field.

Although the patriot has lost the position, the germanial performance is stable last season. He should get a position in other teams, such as returning to Bill shared Hilan – McCon McCoy’s offensive burden is a good choice.

Lewis has never become an important ball threat & mdash; & mdash; only 2 seasons in the 9th year of only 50 times more than 50 times & mdash; & mdash; he is injured in the past two seasons. In the 2013 season, the calves have made him miss 5 games. She missed 8 games due to the high ankle sprained last season.

“This is a very selfless move.” Kevin Colbert, General Manager, said, “This allowed him to participate in the 2021 season. This will be unclear. Let’s work hard for 2021 season, look at the final meeting Where is it. “

Steel people quadrant Slosrisberg 2022 season or continue to fightThe contract of Ben Roethlisberger will automatically make a waste after the end of the 2021 season, but the steel owner Ant Rooney II said in an interview that this is not completely abrupt. 2022 regression. Possible.

The Falcon cuts Fritman in March this year. He has been selected by a career bowl in his career, and has also been a 5-year $ 41.25 million renewal contract, which made him the highest salary running guard at the time. His own healthy financial situation apparently let him not rush to join the new team.

“Fri Man has a good investment in our own salary and has stored most of the income,” Hilver said. “Cheap nfl jerseys from china the perspective of fiscal, he doesn’t have to play. His current mentality is not to get a contract that matches himself, he will not play.”

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