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McLeah injuries have recovered well, and they are expected to return on Saturday.Dallas Deni Run Daren – McFadden, Dalren McFadden, because the calf strain has not yet been in the team training camp, but McCad’s recent recovery is good, and it is expected to be officially involved in the team training this weekend. McFadon conducted a slow running and warm-up exercise on Wednesday, and he would check on his calves on Thursday, and the result is satisfactory. He is expected to return to the training ground this Saturday.

And what is the difference? McGaki vomiting: “There are countless pothirs on the venue, there are shatter. It is like exploration on every grass on the court, and there is countless. This cannot be used as an NFL competition site, stadium construction It is very beautiful, but this grass is too bad. “He also mentioned that turbid is spliced, and there is a huge seam depression between adjacent turf.

“Bring him to the interview, will not let him change, so we will decide so, and let us become quietly sound & rsquo;” Lynch said, “When the body measurement, we are right to him The love is getting stronger and stronger. But we didn’t let him trial, just afraid of being like other teams. “

McCadon said in an interview on Wednesday: “I have made some running exercises in the field these days, I feel good, there is no soreness or other discomfort. In the practice process, there is only straight running and change, I feel Very good. I have to ensure that there will be no problems under running in a row, they will make me formal training. “

On Monday, some media reports pointed out that two anonymous bear players revealed that most teammates did no longer support Carterler through SMS. One of them said that Katler lacks in front of the team 10-36, the lack of preparation before the Tampawan pirates, “is really awkward.”

The eagle running guards, Texas, Nigerianwiki.Com the grassland is the most bad.The home of the Houston Texas Foldal & Mdash; & mdash; NRG Stadium has been reached in many weeks. The recently visited team also complains.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport Sunday report said that the Falcon will announce that the Seattle Hawks Afensive Coordinator Dan-Quinn becomes a new coach. The Falcon Board Arthur Blank signed the prince as a new coach is already the secret of NFL in the past two weeks.

Therefore, 49 people really did their best to avoid people’s eyes, and they even canceled McGlinch training. General Manager John Lynch said that after studying the video of McGlinch, 49 people have fully understood him, do not need to confirm anything more than a trial or interview.

McCaden continued: “It can only be used to see teammates to train themselves. It is really uncomfortable. Especially cowgirl is still my new east, I just want to train and fight together with my teammates, but I can only be in Next to watch, patience is waiting for the day of injury. “

Quinn’s defensive coordinator Leeders Bradley before the Haiye, helped to build and lead to one of the greatest defensive groups of modern NFLs after the Jacksonville American Tiger. After the Super Bowl of the New England Patriots, Quin is free to face the next challenge.

49 people have canceled the trial of McGlinch to avoid people’s eyesBefore the start of the draft, 49 people have clarified the first round of Show Choices: Attacking True Mike – Mike McGlinchey. They also used the No. 9 sign to take this Notadeg University player. But before putting into action, 49 people did not want to leak the wind, and they were afraid that they would be traded up by other teams.

“After the game (the eighth week, the game on the NNs) is completely opposite. Whenever you lose, you know what this will bring this, when you play this performance as a quartz You will get this treatment. I didn’t think teammates no longer support me. I have never had such a feeling in the locker room. “

Latport also reported that the former Cleveland Brown offensive coordinator Kyle Salunhan will become a Falcon’s offense coordinator. He will command to have a fate of Swan Swan, Ryan, and Matt Ryan. Rule Level Exterior Hario-Julio Jones offensive group of these talents. Quinn will make the front Carolina Black Leopard Guara Richard Smith served as a defensive coordinator.

The coach of Los Angeles ram, Sean Mcvay, has promised that due to the team’s third or fourth seed position of the national association, it also ensures the host opportunity, so including Galley. The main players may have been arranged in the last week.

Offense Coordinator Dowell Loggain deny Katler’s pre-preparation lead to the team’s conversation. After the bear is burst into the cold, Logez said to the reporter to inspire the entire team after the injury of the thumb, 5 weeks, backwards.

In Monday, a professional football interview PFT live, the Philadelphia Eagle’s Runweira Shanen McCoy said that this stadium is “He has not seen the most bad court”. He said: “Indeed, this site is terrible, it is too bad.”

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