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Mustang gambling kick attempt failed, the giant half-line ball 41 yards in the Broncos. Al Derek – Rozas way makes a note of 40 yards free kick, the score became 23:10. This concludes just click the following internet site whole game, away to the New York Giants upset victory over the Denver Broncos, get first win of the season.

The jet also has a partner on Wilkson’s defensive front line, Sheldon Richardson, participated in Saturday’s training, but because the injury is included in the question. As expected, near-end Amaro (brain shock) will no longer play after absent, the jet will be able to sign the training group of Chris Pantal (Chris pantale) to enhance the depth. Substitute four-point bathing, MICHAEL Vick, due to injuries absent on Friday, but today participated in all training and was included in the list of questions.

Hills, who entered the professional bowl in 2014, disrupted the deployment of the packaging workers’ second-line defensive deployment, which made the young player entered the first and some players did not play in the usual position. After Hills left the team, the packaging workers need to reinforce second-line defense this year.

Competition into the Section II, outside the Giants took over Roger – Lewis (Roger Lewis) the ball 15 yards, then running back Orleans – Dake Wa red ball ran all the way down the 47 yards, the Giants offensive group directly into the red zone. Evan final – Ingram ball five yards touchdowns, leading the Giants to expand the advantage to 10: 0.

49 people continue to make a lot of outstanding players who have not seen them at low prices, and new management hopes to sign newcomers quickly helped the team to turn over. Heili Wan will compete with Harris’s competition to fight the replacement position behind Carlos Hyde.

Although the Jaguar has a corner Jalen Ramsey, he will take great extent to the top of Dendre Hopkins. However, if you are more familiar with Hopkins, it is no doubt that is A.j.bouye. During the battle period, Texas people showed the most excellent angular guards a.j.bouye last season, and the first game of the new season, he will return to the familiar NRG Stadium.

Titan coach expects the performance of Mario Tag

Tennesi Titan will signed 2nd in the election. At present, they will focus on picking a super quarter-off. Tuesday, Tuesday, Ken Whisenhunt, is disclosed, and it is very much looking forward to the performance of Marcus Marcus Marcus – Marcus Mariota inner Oregon. Weith Henry, will pay attention to this high interest in the “graduates bowl”.

[Event Review] Dake Wa 117 yards, the Giants take first win

Beijing on October 16 on Monday morning 8:30, NFL regular season sixth week of the Sunday Night game in the “Mile High City” kicks off, 3-1 in the AL West Denver Broncos team sits at home, greet challenges 0 wins and 5 losses of NL East teams New York giants.

The current Titan also lacks the potential to rush hands, and their position can guarantee that they will win a very potential defensive. Management and coaching groups hope this year’s draft can change the fate of the team.

The defensive end Mohammad Wilkson has encountered a toe injury, and will not attend the game on the battle Mai Amith dolphin on Monday, and the official announcement on Saturday is not surprised because the jet is this week. It will illustrate that they don’t expect Wilkson to play. For Wilkson, I was injured in the game lost to Buffalobier last Monday, which will lead to his four-year career for the first time.

Hai Takaya finally played 16 games for the New Orleans, 133 times, and won the 548 yards 4 times. Heiliwa is a reliable substitute, and he also completed 22 battles to achieve 200 yards and 1 time. This is the best season since 2010 he has played the best season since the Tower of Arizona, and he sees a new job.

New York Giants:

Quarterback Eli – Manning pass 19 128 11 code, all code 6.7,1 touchdowns, 3 steals, 95.9 quarterback rating;

Orleans running back – Dake Wa rushed the ball 21 times 117 yards, Size 5.6;

Everett Evan – Ingram 5 times the ball 82 yards, 1 touchdown;

Defensive end Jason – Pierre Paul 3 sack;

Cornerback Zhannuolisi – Jenkins once manufactured off the ball, once back steals and offensive touchdowns;

Weith Hunte said: “I believe this will become great. I am looking forward to his performance. For a while, he will adjust from the loss. In my opinion, he is still this year’s draft The best quartz. “This season, Titan has used 3 different quarters, but their performance will never be satisfied with the team. If the team decides to select a quadrant, Bruce Petty, Bayler’s Bruce, Sean Mannion, which will also be concerned.

49 people reinforced the depth of running guards in urgent needs, they signed the running 卫 蒂 海塔 (Tim Hightower). Heili is the second place in this week to join 49 people’s running guards. The previous 49 people signed back Du Juan Harris.

At the beginning of the 2017 season, Heatai will be 31 years old, but he demonstrates yourself in the 30-year-old season to continue its excellent. This is a low risk for 49 people but may bring high returns.

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