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According to NFL NetWork reporter Mike Gala Garafolo, Saints have been cut off Coleman. This is not an unexpected, although holding a first level of salary, but the performance of Koleman’s 2018 season has fallen a lot.

NHF back in Shanghai

Welcome to NFL Home Field! NFL Home Field provides a home base for football fans in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, complete with family-friendly interactive football activities, on-field training clinics and live tackle football games featuring local teams and local food vendors. This Year & RSQUO; S NFL HOME Field Promises To Be Another NFL Hall of Fame Legend. Come out with your friends and enjoy a free day of fun, food and football!

Why is this so? The reason is here: When the game is less than 1 minute, the raid person 24:20 leads the Kansas City chief, Moore successfully killed the Alex Smith caused 4 files 13 yards. However, after Since then, Moore began to celebrate with teammates Carril Mark, and did not realize that the game was still going on. At this time, the Emirates quickly prepared to kick, once the ball was issued, the raid person will be sentenced to the offside foul. It is also easy to temporary, and the Moore has been severely reprimanded on the spot.

After the NFL unmanned, Henneki just joined the Washington team in a month ago, but he went 44 times in the game of Damashi Bay pirates, and the 306 yards were successfully achieved. The ball was copied, and the ball was taken 6 times to get 46 yards 1 time. After the game, Henneki said he felt that his strength has been shown.

The Falcon announced that they cut off the old running guards for the team for the team’s 2 seasons. According to the NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport, this layofan will help the Falcon saves $ 3.75 million wage space.

Washington quadruple henousyl: I believe that there is a place where the alliance has a place

Taylor Heinicke failed to lead Washington football team to win in the playoffs, but his performance beyond most people’s expectations.

At least so it seemed cheap jerseys From china the game this week, the first name of the partition effortlessly defeated the Chicago Bears bottom Lions, the score 34-22. This is also the two new coach Matt – Kea (Matt Nagy) and Matt – Patricia (Matt Patricia) of the first encounter. But Kea’s team variety, but Patricia’s team looked ill-prepared. So the Bears easily establish a 26-0 lead, the game suspense also disappeared early.

The 31-year-old Jackson signed with the Falcon before the 2013 season, and he hoped to be able to recover his career after the 5 seasons of St. Louis. But in the past two seasons, Jackson’s 347-time mushpo won 1250 yards (each time the shock promoting 3.6 yards) and 12 times.

Michelle – Trudeau Bisi Ji (Mitchell Trubisky) contend performance, excellent efficiency, the attack under control. He finished with 355 yards passing advance, three touchdowns, 148.6 passer rating. Although the defense most of the time are the key to victory, but if Trudeau Bisi Ji’s performance can be sustained, the Bears will become a more formidable opponent.

Colomnad has played all 16 regular seasons, and 9 of them were first completed, 36 times, forcing the ball to participate in 359 defensive (34.9%). During the two playoffs, Coleman participated in 3 defenders, 12 files.

But the Bears nor cheap Nfl jerseys all the best kicker Cody – Paer Ji (Cody Parkey) 2 additional points missed shot, two free-kicks. Robbie laid off three years ago – after Gould (Robbie Gould), the Bears are looking for a successor kicker aspects of running into difficulties.

The lions look is more pathetic, Matthew – Stafford (Matthew Stafford) Overall pass forward 274 yards, 2 touchdowns, but also steals twice, not much contribution. Defense group completely understand how to prevent Kea offensive group. After two consecutive years of record 9-7 before the Bears fired coach – Jim Caldwell (Jim Caldwell), but Patricia did not seem to find the right direction. Today, the name of the new coach unnecessary waste of pause, choose a conservative punt at the Lions need strong attack, did not qualified to complete the work.

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