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However, Mefield is to understand how to destroy defense. Under his leadership, Brown is 5 times, and there is no score because the game has come to the midfielder rest time. Brown also established 35-7 big scores, and the tiger is no longer able to return to the day.

Todd Bowles, said: “I don’t know that Tekel can come to play, existing sayings are just rumors. We hope to see what he did, today he participated in a small number of training, This is a positive signal. “In addition, Bowers determined that Evri will play, and the running guards who are good at fighting after a week later will re-hanging.

After the end of the last season, the rapid decision to make a decision of Delrio continued to surprise. But I didn’t expect that the raid slaughter was fried in a year after the trust of the coach. The speed of this decision means that they have planned the next step, but we have to sit on the development.

Ivery, Texre travels to London

This week, New York jet will go to London to participate in the partzer of Miami dolphins. The team runs to Kris Evre (Chris Ivory), and participated in all the training of the team. Eric Decker, an extraction, Eric Decker, will travel to London, before he only participated in a lot of training.

In February in February, Delrio and the raid renewal for 4 years. He led the raid to obtain 25 wins and 24 loss records (including 0 wins and 1 loss in the playoffs). Last season of raids took 12 wins and 4 loss, the offensive group was in the forefront. However, the injury ended the last season of Derek Carr in advance and led the team to lose the ball in the playoffs, but the front team was optimistic about the future.

[Event Review] Mayfield 4 Daliang, Brown 35-20 lightly tiger

Beijing November 26th, when Brown was coach, Hugh Jackson would not use the quartz Baker Mayfield (Baker Mayfield), after coming to Tiger as an assistant coach, Jackson still doesn’t know how to get it. The team defensive.

This person is our star’s close-end Gulith, and he always has its own way to show yourself. This time he wore a “69” jacket to participate in the training, the reason is: I used to wear No. 69 participates in our high school competition.

When receiving the radio interview, Pete Carroll was asked whether the team would consider signing the big four-point satellite-Katon Kaepernick or Robert-Griffin III. (Robert Griffin III) as a possible substitute.

Parker is the first round show in Dolphin 2015, but the career has not yet possible to perform the performance of the outbreak level. Last season, shoulders and fingers injured Parker only played 11 games, starting 7 games, complete 24 games, reached once.

If Capenik joins the sea eagle and has to come to the scene, the Hawks offensive group can make his ability to use it. The sea eagle has always dare to sign the bold players. The team defensive end Michael Bennett said in March, it was said that the team should want a leader like Capenik to join the team.

However, the team’s performance has declined. After the opening of the game, the raid will encounter four losses, of which Carl is once injured, which makes the inappropriate attack group that has a poor manifestation.

It is now a group of players who have entered the league in Russel Wilson: Trevone Boykin, Jake Heaps and Skyler – Howard Skyler Howard. Wilson’s career never missed the first, but last season was hit by injuries after a poor cheap Nfl jerseys offensive front line with poor performance.


RG3 has a bad performance last season and is injured, and there is no team in this year’s break.


This year’s snap-in-season Hawks have been considered to be one of Kelnek’s offers. In the past two seasons, Katnik also worked in the past two seasons and attracted national anthem protesters.

This season’s raid person has a bright spot. After the team has a trump quarter-free and for the offensive front line, the boss Davis feels that it is necessary to play landslides this season and return to the previous state in the 2016 season.

“We are considering everyone. We are really,” Carol said. “We have been tracking everything that is happening, we have a wage hat and a lineup of these issues should be properly managed. But honestly said, yes, we are considering everyone.”

After this, Brown record is increased to 4-6-1. Merfield has completed 19 times in the audience, and the 258 yard was promoted, reached 4 times. Safety San Ja Juling Damarious Randall has already gotten his words last week, which will give the front main coach to see the strength of the team. He also practiced the promise. After the first half, after Andy Dalton, Landao ran directly to Jackson, and sent the ball to him to commemorate.

The Tiger Defensive Group This allows the opponent to advance 342 yards, 11 games, they have already released 4836 yards, nearly 440 yards, are expected to shock the record of the Saints 2012 (a total of 7042 yards, average 440.125 yards).

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