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The Pereman’s career has played 26 games in the first two years, but it was later injured and the attendance rate declined. However, due to the presence of a good enough to contribute enough, the lightning is still selected in 2019 with a $ 12 million contract.

Pedton is insisted that the victory of the team in the last game is still the most important goal, and the young player is just second. Jenkins was placed in the list of suspicions due to abdominal injury, and he did not participate in any training this week. It was clear that the Saint team did not plan to make him play.

Collins as a new show in 2015, the first thing that started is right. However, before the start of the denim season, he made him left a sharp penetry. He first sent 14 games in two seasons. Last year, only 3 games were played by toe surgery. The retired of Doug Free, let Dalins move the position of the right trip, this change makes Collins is very happy.

In addition to the more efficient Rivos, which is more efficient than Rosrisberg, the pony offensive group is also balanced. Their scorpion offensive this season with the bright play, Jon Nathan, Taylor, and Nyim Hines each play its excellent. In the pass attack, T. Y Hilton, Zach Pascal and the Gounder of Spath PASCAL (Michael Pittman Jr.) were equivalent to average. Of course, the pony’s offensive front line is one of the highlighters of the offensive group. The number of killing of Rivers in this offensive front line is the second less than the league, allowing him to advance the 7.6 yards per pass, this data ranking ninth. However, the right cut Bradden-Smith will absent this game due to the list of new crown reserves. During the three-game losses of the steel, the top-level defensive group performance of the alliance also declined. In the first 11 games, the steel man gave the opponent 17.1 points, got 3.7 times, and manufactures 2.1 mistakes. In the last 3 games, the steel man has made the opponent to get 25.3 points, and the 2.0-time killing, and the manufacturing of 0.7 mistakes. Like the offensive group, cheap Jerseys the steel man’s defensive group did not lack the outstanding player. Smith’s absence may allow steel people to win TJ Watt (tjwatt) to get more opportunities, and whether Cameron Heyward can lead the pressure may also affect steel people defense. Group performance.

Dallas denim right cuts are not afraid of eliteBeijing June 11th NET Collins, La & Rsquo; El Collins, from the left …, this means that he should face the best of NFL next season. For example, Von Miller, Khalil Mack, Joey Bosa and Jason Pierre-Paul.

Pereman will become unlimited free players in this year, and he has not completely vetoed the possibility of returning to lightning. Last Said Temperator played 13 games, the first 6 games were completed in 48 times (the lowest in the 2017 season) has killed once.

“I often communicate with Tom. It may now be confidential. He obviously be very happy in the last season, winning the super bowl of champion. Like our team, like our coach, and the boss The same. Of course, we love him. Usually when you have this feelings … this will be the sky of the sky, so we want to continue this way. “

According to reports, Prescott’s broker is not much related to cowboy. The biggest problem is the length of the contract, and the cowboy hopes to sign for 5 years, but Prescot is more inclined to 4 years.

Breddy, of course, it seems to have been very happy last season, but many factors will determine his future, including whether he is willing to play at the age of 45. Breddy is also likely to have an entered the free player market next year.

Braddy will get $ 25 million in the new season, accounting for $ 283.75 million. In the case where many pirate players become free players in this year, the pirates may continue to renewande in the short term to release salary space in the short term.

Saints promoted the sparring quarter Wei Ruien GriffinThe New Orleans Saint Shed team decided to put the nose John Jenkins in the injury reserved list, and at the same time, from the spending team to extort Ryan Griffin.

However, this does not mean that Griffin will play in the game with Tampawan pirates, because the team has done a similar decision for two weeks ago, and the headtone of Shan Payton said that this is only It is to let these young players enter the team lineup, thereby keeping the contract.

Flash Wire Wei Dan Zer – Perryman Planning Shui Freedom Market US Sunday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, one of the important members of Lightning Defense Group & Mdash; & mdash; Denzel Perryman plans to test the water free market.

In the past, the history of injury, the first round of Kenneth, Kenneth, Kennnes, performance, 2019, four-wheeled Drule, Drune, Drune, etc., the main consideration of Pereman in Lightning It is not enough, but his cockroach is still excellent.

If it is not possible to reach a constant, Prescot will play with an annual salary of $ 31.4 million. Cowboy will continue to make a choice in the following year, whether to use the privilege label for this quadrant. The privileged label at that time will be 120% of the prices in the previous year.

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